Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Day and Happy Days

There is an eight second window, in the time after Mass has been survived and before the boys rip off their oh so uncomfortable dress shoes, that I have to take an Easter picture.

These are the best I got:

Wouldn't this be great if my eyes were open?

The camera is THIS way, you dorks

Oh, and why, you ask, is Margaux sans clothing?  Right towards the end of Mass, she had a big old blow out.  All over her dress.  And PVT's arm.  So I stuck her in her dress this afternoon so I could prove to you all that at one point I had big dreams of coordinating outfits.

There was a lot of stress and yelling and chaos today - we are putting this slab of real estate on the market tomorrow.  But it was still a pretty darn good day.

Dang Easter Bunny got these kids skates and skateboards.  What good Bunny does that?

All in all, it was a pretty Happy Easter.
General Easter Mayhem

Second time on the altar.  We were all freaked out!

Basketball on Easter.  Oklahoma isn't all bad..
Hope yours was good too.

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Mad Woman behind the Blog said...

Do you ever get used to the cuteness? Because those children of yours would have me wrapped around their little fingers. Oh my.
And a new house? How exciting. And challenging, and ...and EXCITING!
I'm a wee bit jealous.
And then I remembered I'm only washing the clothes of four.
Can't wait to see more.