Monday, March 4, 2013

Breaking Ground

It's started.

Constructing the homestead.

YEEEEEEE!  (That noise, FYI, is a mixture of fear, joy, and the realization that we may be living on ramen and banana peels to afford all of this square footage...ah, well.  It will be awesome.)

Whenever I start to hyperventilate at the prospect of a) getting this place on the market, and b) keeping it presentable in the wake of six children and one hairy dog, I remind myself that these "problems" are rather laughable in the whole scheme of potential life disasters or historical dilemmas.  I suspect I will become short and impatient with my children and the constant stream of detritus that their worlds require; I just hope I am not TOO awful and grumpy when all of this transpires.

And, now, an awkward segue:  should you find yourself in Tulsa, looking in vain for something hip to do, check out Elliot Nelson's empire.  Even if you hale from more urbane locales, you will not be unimpressed.

1 comment:

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

You can do it lady...Although it does sound daunting and I only have two to pick up after. Haha!