Saturday, January 5, 2013

And Whoosh Into 2013

Well, how dull is this?  Another kiddie photo dump.  Such is life with six children home for the holidays.  It has all been wonderful, no one has been sick since a few days into the break (hallelujah!  Is it because I was intentionally avoiding outings to crowded indoor venues?  Who knows!  I don't care!  It's glorious!), and we had a wonderful time at this surprisingly gorgeous resort.

Obligatory McDonald's stop somewhere in Missouri
Oh she was enthralled with the "sleep mask" concept

Horseback riding!

She was so happy on that horse.  Great.  We really don't want to encourage the whole princess mindset around here.

Look!  Terrain!  I didn't know how much I missed it!

It was only after a while that I noticed the "National Turkey Federation " sign above our cabin door - I thought ALL of the cabins must have stuffed turkeys flying around.

Look at those happy kids!  This was right before we climbed into the car, Sylvie got carsick, and then Colette got carsick watching Sylvie be carsick!  

She was there too.  She had a fabulous time, I'm pretty sure.  

I can't remember a Christmas break where I was not quite ready for it to be done.  Huh.


So Happy 2013!  My sole resolution:  to be more "mindful."  I know, that sounds like some dopey new agey shite, doesn't it?  But really I just need to slow down and stop sometimes, and THINK about what I'm doing.  I need to stop and listen to a kid sometimes, instead of just mumbling "uh huh" while I'm mopping up the latest spill.  I need to stop treating each breakfast like a 50 yard dash.  I need to stop eating pieces of food off the FLOOR, for freak's sake.  See?  Mindfulness.  

Here's hoping your 2013 is full of happiness, healthiness, mindfulness and very very little organic kale.

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Molly said...

Welcome home, VTs! Colette is going to be an equestrienne. And of course Margaux has a leopard-print top. And poor Sylvie has Aunt Molly's motion sickness problem. Let's hope none of them get Mémère's (and my) skin issues.