Monday, December 3, 2012

Just a Bunch of Non Sequiturs

God must have a reason why he scheduled Christmas in the WINTER, right?  When every kid contracts every snort, snuffle and virus that passes across the state?  I don't know how Santa is going to get any shopping done, what with the constant sleep deprivation and and a sick elf always on the couch watching SpongeBob.  Last night it was Colette who came to our bed at 2:30 am, wailing, with a cough and fever.  Then Sylvie came in at 3:45, kicking me in the head and demanding a bottle. Then Margaux woke up for her feeding.  I am not sure I ever went back to sleep, because when my alarm went off at arse hat thirty I was awake.

Eh.  Maybe God is telling us that the shopping and cards can wait.  Stay home and hang with your sick girls. That's what Jesus would have done, oui?


We have a "fancy" holiday party to go to in a couple of weeks.  Woo hoo!  Except the hosts declare it's "casual."  The hosts live in a home that is well into the seven figure range, so is that still "casual" by our rather down-market standards?  I don't know.  All I know is that I have become such a Nordstrom whore that I went to the "Complete Looks" section on the website, selected the "Going Out" category, and decided I wanted to try this "Complete Look:"

Isn't that a lovely ensemble?  Polished, deceptively casual but actually tres soignee?  And I just love the gold jeans.  So I am going to channel my inner Beyonce and try the whole mess on.  I will probably be sorely disappointed that it doesn't play out quite the same on a 39 year old hausfrau with dwarfism issues, but hey!  No harm in trying (what with the free shipping and free returns!  O Nordstrom I love you!).

Last night I had my semi-monthly mental freakout about the direction of our lives; PVT and I started talking about down-marketing our home, sending our kids to Catholic schools...all while I was cooking dinner and feeding the baby.  This is what our "dining room" rug looked like after our children took advantage of 29 minutes of parental ignorance:

This shot is AFTER I cleaned up all the flotsam and jetsam and tried to expunge the green.  Don't you wish I had thought to take a before shot?  I don't even know what that green IS.  And I just had the carpets cleaned a few weeks ago.  Little gremlins.


My latest Tulsa Kids article is up; the secrets of Hip Tulsa Women of a Certain Age.  Perhaps you should check it out if you find yourself living in the "Paris of Oklahoma" TOO.

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carma said...

for a second I thought that was an interesting rug pattern...