Saturday, December 8, 2012

Even More Non Sequiturs Than Ever Before

Just when I thought there was something seriously wrong with me - why am I so tired?  So despondent?  So forgetful and lackadaisical? - I got a really excellent night of sleep.  Yes, I still woke up to feed the baby, but I did not actually LEAVE THE BED for ibuprofen administration or a de-snotting process, people.  Today I got up feeling like I could run a half marathon, do the weekly grocery run, change one hundred blowouts, and do a bit of Vinyasa yoga all while chopping up some organic kale.

Hah!  Well, the grocery run got done (where I had to have the amount of my purchase approved by the manager.  Surely there are other big families around here?  Who eat?  Although I suppose our eldest's penchant for Dynamite Crab Rolls is not helping matters).

Um.  At any rate, we have one baby who still has an irksome cough, but is hopefully not going to get worse, and another baby who has been sick for several days but is hopefully on the upswing:

Putting marbles on Dada, wearing her favorite "Pippa and Julie" top

More Pippa and Julie.  Can't she just put on some crappy Gymboree to play in the dirt?

So I think we are heading out of the Phase 1, Gnarly Germs of Winter 2012-2013.  Into, I'm sure, Phase 2, Gnarly Germs of Winter 2012-13 - I would just like a week off, please.  Please?

In other news:

All I want for Christmas...

The only kid brave enough to sit on the old dude's lap

Riding a pony for cancer - already doing her part for a cause

He won his school Geography Bee!   Very proud, except  the only credit I can take is ignoring him while he tooled around on Google Earth.
There is really nothing I love more than caring for my children when I am feeling happy, stable, and energetic - and there is nothing worse than caring for children when I feel like a pile of tired doggy doo.

The end.

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