Saturday, November 24, 2012

Deep Breath

Well, our very thankful Thanksgiving passed by in a whirl of craziness:  I was fortunate enough not to have to cook the bird, so I went bonkers with the rest of it:  I made asparagus bundles wrapped in bacon (alas, not as good as one might think; the bacon needed to be cooked longer, the asparagus less), a salad of brussel sprout leaves, candied pecans and smoked feta (sounds freaky, but really good!), and then supplied fruit, two bottles of wine, rum, organic egg nog, ice cream cupcakes and ice cream cake.

(Graciously accepting applause.  Thank you.)

And I didn't even stop to get a picture of the six healthy monsters I'm so achingly grateful for - even the one who's being a big creep right now (and will remain anonymous).

Oddly, we did get a picture of me with my new purse - big enough to stuff a kid in!

Now, suddenly, unbelievably, it is time for this:

I don't want to try to "get through" the holidays, which is what I feel like I have tried to do these past few years.

So she's a little portly for a ballerina.  
I want to slow down a bit, not always rush to the next mess to pick up, the next nose to debooger, the next snack, the next meal, the next diaper.  I want to remember there aren't THAT many Christmases that are going to be this much fun.  Yes, crazy, tiring, overwhelming at times - but oh the beautiful crazy chaos around here.

And somewhere in all the whirlwind, there will still be those moments of sacredness:  the blue glow from the Christmas tree reflected in a baby's big curious eyes; a moment of unexpected kindness from a big brother; a new piano player picking through a Christmas song; an older kid playing with the Nativity figures - these are the moments that sustain me.   That sustain most mamas, I suspect.

Running out of mantle space

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