Monday, June 25, 2012

One Month

There is always something about Sundays that unhinge all of us.  Yesterday we went on a bit of recreational house hunting - bigger houses with huge lots out of our price range, some fun daydreaming - and towards the end of the day we had all had it with each other.

Sylvie channeling the vibe of the day

Towards evening, PVT voiced a sentiment I had been thinking all day too:  "Today it feels like we have too many kids."  I hadn't wanted to admit it, but everything seemed to be just too much:  how could I care for all these children adequately and individually, plus nurse and care for a newborn, plus make and clean up after all the meals, and do the laundry, and...and...?

It just seemed more than I could do physically.  For better or worse, it WAS more than I could do physically:  I was coming down with mastitis. 


That's all I have to say about that.

But our lovely wee Margaux is now a month old, and we have survived.



Tori said...

You will continue to survive. I still have those days when I feel like I have too many kids AND I now have one less than you and my youngest are 5. I am blessed with 5 healthy kids and, although some days I feel guilty because I can't do the same things moms with fewer kids do, we all survive and they are better for having each other. You are blessed with 6 healthy kids who are better for having each other as well. It may be chaotic and the days may not go as planned but I'd rather have the imperfect, chaotic days than a quieter house.

malbsure said...

Hang in there. What I often say about adulthood is also true for parenting: it's not for sissies.