Saturday, June 16, 2012

Blackhawk Down: The Mommy Installment

I apologize for the sporadic blogging, my friends. We have finally released my mother after over three weeks in captivity, and I am just trying to keep these six kids ALIVE. I wish I were exaggerating about the alive part, but I'm not: have you ever marshaled four kids, one lethally independent 21 month old (whose future career will either be owning a chain of nightclubs or heading a professional women's wrestling league), and a wee infant through a parking lot? Or brought them all to - ye gawd - a POOL party?  These are daunting tasks, not for the cowardly or those prone to dizziness, stroke, or heart attacks.
What a lovely picture - too bad it doesn't include ALL of my children

We adore our Sylvie, of course - everyone finds her potent combination of confidence, mischief and moxie hilarious. But I've never had one quite like this - or one quite this young - with an infant. Sylvie would love nothing more than to drag Margaux around like a rag doll, or poke her eyes out, or maybe just finish her off as an after-nap snack. The only time I can let my guard down is when Sylvie is napping, and then I hide in a corner and cry for a while.
Yum!  Some delicious infant thigh, please!

I think I let myself get cocky: I've had five infants! I wasn't concerned about the postpartum period at all. But it is different every time, and the chemistry of a family is forever altered when you add a little one. The adjustment period, the re-learning of everyone's needs and wants, just takes time. At least this is what I am telling myself. I try all day long to be cheerful and patient, only to come to the end of the day and overreact over one infraction. Lately the tantrums have been coming from my usually preternaturally mature three year old, whose cataclysmic fits after a grueling week of "Flitter Flutter Fly Princess Camp" have unhinged us all. My eldest, during his Nighttime Litany of Grave Anxieties, asked, "Mom, since the baby has come everything has been so HARD. Are we going to MAKE it?" Which sort of broke my heart.

But we will make it - with crutches like SpongeBob, Dora, and Jose Cuervo Light Margarita.  I love these little rascals so much - I just hope by the time we make it through this period, they still KNOW that.

PS - I apologize if you've gotten five calls from me in a row at a lousy time of day.  I am not actually drunk dialing you.  Sylvie is addicted to my iPhone.  I have created a monster.

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