Friday, May 4, 2012

Where Getting a C-Section Is Looking Freaking Relaxing

These next few weeks of May are so kid-centric I want to curl up in a corner and lie in the fetal position along with my fetus:  First Communion, piano recitals, field trips, "Celebration of Learnings," 4th grade graduations, Mother's Day Teas (call me a cynic, but the scripted Mother's Day events coordinated by schools mean a lot less to me that the spontaneous drawing presented by a proud child on a Tuesday)'s a veritable cyclone of kiddie-ness.  I am trying to tell myself that all of these events are a wonderful way to spend some time individually with each child before we face the seismic upheaval of baby #6, which is certainly true...but it's not quite working.  It's all good stuff, of course, but I just wish I could face all of it without bone-crushing fatigue and swollen unmentionables.   

Stop having kids, you say?  RIGHT!  I am just hoping I REMEMBER how these last few weeks of pregnancy just drag, and drag, and drag one's saggy, tired body along with them.  And can you believe I complain this much and usually only gestate for 37 weeks?  40 weeks must seem like you've been pregnant for a decade.

Speaking of having many kids, here is my latest article for Tulsa Kids - it is the piece I read for Listen to Your Mother.  I really still do believe you should have another kid, too - I'm just hoping your body is in better shape than mine!

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