Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Where I am Incapable Of Coherent Thought

The first of what I suspect will be many, many, ballet costumes - this one for a "Duck Dance."  Who would have thought after three boys?  Pas moi!

Rory, after I pointed out that this Lego mess was for ages 14 and over, noted that "It's OK, because I'm 20 in Lego years." 

Soccer tournaments, piano recitals, First Communion, Runs for Fun, kiddie music programs, "Celebrations of Learning," "Super Kids Day" - can these "fun" events bring on early labor?  Gawd I hope not, because what about that pre-C-Section waxing I had planned?

The punishment I get for gloating that I lost a pound at my last doctor's appointment?  I gained THREE at my appointment today.  Effing chocolate.

Here are my fellow castmates for the upcoming "Listen to Your Mother" show.  Don't they all seem like mummies with whom you'd like to quaff a margarita?

Must, must, must stop buying Dubble Bubble "for the kids."

Boo!  Some favorite, years-old leopard print espadrilles bit the dust today.  But these could fill in nicely:

Just because the kale salad looks intriguing doesn't mean that you should buy it.  It tastes like a lovely spring salad - for possums.

That is all I can manage this evening.  Bon soir.


Mad Woman behind the Blog said...

1. How did I miss you were expecting again?!?!?!?! You are a saint! Or deranged. And I love it!
2. I'm glad to read you and your family are okay. My sister in Norman said her neighbors didn't fair so well.
3. Those espadrilles ARE TO DIE FOR!
4. Also sorry to have missed your LTYM episode. A couple of friends of mine are doing the San Francisco show.

You're frickin pregnant?!?!?! And over 30 weeks!?!?!?!? God love you, woman.
Now, tell me, names? Going French again? Antoinette perhaps?

Heather Davis said...

I love her little costume (and I'm still pining for her hair!). Seeing my girls in costume is the ONE thing I miss about dance. Of course, they were interpretive dancers and we can do that for free on the front lawn!