Wednesday, April 4, 2012

VTs on TV

Oh yes, we are now famous! Well, not really, but if you want to act like paparazzi around me or screech for my autograph, I wouldn't mind TOO much.

So do you think we can parlay this into a reality show with a Kardashian-style paycheck? Or maybe garner some interest for "The Real Housewives of Green Country?"

Alas, we are probably a little too dang wholesome. But we could really sex it up, Bravo! I can start drinking heavily in about two months, if you want! Get some of my friends to strut around in tank tops and claw their way into terrible hair-pulling fights over some compelling PTA drama - it would be great!


Oh, and leave it to me to appear on TV for the first time in my life almost eight months pregnant and needing my roots done, to boot. What can I say? There's no Rachel Zoe in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

But the kiddies sure had fun, as you can see.


Heather Davis said...

Haha! I love it!! I'd totally go Jersey Shore with you (my guilty pleasure). It'd be a hoot to see two Mothers hit the beach house!

Heather Davis said...

AND - I colored my own hair on Saturday before! :) I had to do some higher level math to figure out prime times so that it'd look fresh for TV, rehersal AND show day.