Sunday, April 8, 2012

Not Even The Risen Lord Could Stand the Rock Tumbler

When I was growing up, the Easter Bunny was sort of like Santa's intern; we didn't get QUITE as much loot for Easter as we did for Christmas, but we made out pretty well.  So of course I wanted to recreate the mini-Christmas for my children, which really wasn't too crazy when we had two little boys.  (PVT's Easter Bunny, alas, had a different philosophy; he maybe got a jelly bean or two in his basket.  Somehow he survived these hardships visited on him during his childhood. ) 

Now, of course, the Easter chaos is just out of control. 

Every surface was covered with toy detritus, chocolate or jelly beans.

There was a new water table.
There was excavating.

There was Bat-Caving.  And Lego-ing.  And "Rock Tumbling," courtesy of a, yes, rock tumbling machine Keane got.  This thing sounds like the engine of a 747 being tested in Boeing's propulsion labs, so loud is the rumbling and grinding while it tumbles rocks to shiny perfection.  And this tumbling process lasts for days!   So it ground along in our kitchen all afternoon until I finally came to my senses and moved it to the garage.

But the little scamps did pretty well at church, considering we didn't leave early enough (and never have, and never will) to procure a seat.

So it was a Happy, Noisy, Typical Easter here chez VT.  Just how we like it.

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Molly said...

I just showed the Easter photo to my coworker, who of course swooned over how adoable they all are!