Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cursed Storm Chasers

The Killer Tornado That Never Came
I am at the point in my pregnancy where one little stressful thing can disrupt my precarious mental state, which then affects my physical state, which in turn renders me useless for an entire day.

Or maybe that's just how I am NORMALLY.

Anyhoo, these damn weather dudes were forecasting Tornadomeggedon yesterday - a day we had a soccer tournament and five - yes FIVE - soccer games.  These guys were gleefully throwing out things like "it's going to be a major tornadic event," yadda yadda.  I tossed and turned the night before, imagining PVT and a child of mine spinning away, Wicked-Witch-Style, in the Suburban; or me alone in the house, huddling in our downstairs shower, hunched over many wailing little ones while an EF-5 ripped the roof off our house.

So I monitored the weather throughout the day while PVT shepherded various children to and from games, feeling nervous and nauseous, sure impending doom was just down the road in OKC. 

And then when I finally flipped on the 5 o'clock news, all they could come up with was a lousy little band of thunderstorms that would make an appearance at 7am!   For freak's sake.  So PVT and I happily left the kiddies with the sitter we had planned, and went out to a lovely dinner - our last "date" having been sometime in February.  Where we ate a real meal, and talked about storm shelters, boob jobs, those dang kids, and the relative attractiveness of the various other patrons sitting in the bar area with us.

Just another day spring day in Oklahoma.

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