Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Of Payphones and Four Letter Words

So I'm terribly fond of this new Maroon 5 "Payphone"" song - it's dance-y and catchy (could I sound more like an sixty seven year old?), and it reminds me of my own rather poignant payphone moment. You may recall that PVT and I met under, erm, illicit circumstances. It was after our first "date" - although you can't really call it a date when you're married to someone else, now, can you? At any rate, after discovering we worked in the same Seattle high rise, we had decided to meet under the auspices of going out with PVT's coworkers for Happy Hour. The coworkers fell by the wayside one by one, and eight hours later, PVT and I were still together, four destinations (bars) later, chatting and laughing (and quaffing something, I'm sure).

The next day, because I was not at liberty to talk at home, of course, I went to run some errands, and called PVT from a payphone at a Chevron (this being way back in the Dark Ages, many years before I would have my own cell phone). I told him what a great time I had had, and that I had hoped I had gotten whatever "this" was out of my system. But I hadn't. Apparently he felt similarly, and thus began a very intense, soul searching month or so, filled with moments in which I was both deliriously happy and pukingly petrified. I was never one who wanted to conduct a tawdry "affair," and didn't want to hurt anyone - although of course inevitably someone would get hurt.

But I at least made the decision as quickly as I could.

And you know the rest.

ANYHOO, back to the Payphone song, Colette is fond of it too:

Being the awesome mom that I am, I had inadvertently downloaded the "explicit" version, which I realized when I heard Wiz Khalifa (who the freak are they? And again, could I sound more like a eighty three year old?), say "F*ck This Sh*t." Luckily Colette couldn't quite discern THAT lyric, and didn't try to sing it. Now I have found the "clean" version, so we can continue to enjoy our little song.

Sans expletives.

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Molly said...

That wee redhead is unbearably cute :)