Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Brush with Fame. Or Infamy.

This morning I let my kids play hooky because another mommy blogger and I had a little news interview to talk about the "Listen to Your Mother" show this month, and the interviewer wanted my kids running around - authenticity, you know.  I say this nonchalantly, but really I'm not that cool - appearing on the local news in Tulsa is as close as I'll get to living the Angelina life. 

But before the interview we had to stop by my OB for my 30 week appointment.  Packing all the accouterments to entertain five waiting kids in a tiny doctor's office is such a brain bender (electronics for the boys?  Fruit snacks?  Lollipops?  Diapers, bottles, Capri Suns, iPhone?) that I actually forgot to WORRY about the appointment - you know, worry that the baby had suddenly sprouted a third hand, or lost a chamber of her heart, or some other prenatal equivalent of the Titanic.  In fact, it didn't occur to me to worry until I was laying there with the cold jelly all over my mountainous stomach:  how terrible that would be to find something tragic out with all my children there!  Luckily my doctor knows me and my neuroses well, and reassured me quickly all looked fine.  Then a brief - and rare - moment of mommy bliss:  watching five faces scrunched up at the ultrasound screen, trying to discern exactly what part of the gray shadows and mini-Megamind head was their little sister. 

Oh, and I lost a pound this time!  Take that, fatty police!

And then we were off to the park to meet the news guys - I wasn't convinced they would actually show - surely something more pressing had come up in the news day, perhaps a story on a rescue Dachshund who saved a baby from a black widow? - but show up they did!  The valiant camera guy tried to get footage of my children frolicking on the playground, but my unsophisticated brood found great delight in running AWAY from him.  What terrible Kardashians they would make!  Don't they know questionable celebrity is a great way to make a buck in this country?

So the other mom, Heather, spoke intelligently to Rick about blogging and motherhood and the upcoming show and its charitable cause, while I yelled at my children to please stay within eyesight and PLEASE WATCH THE BABY so she doesn't run into the parking lot!  If you are lucky enough to be a local, you can watch all of this drama on the News on 6 tonight at 6pm. 

Unless, of course, that Dachshund did actually save a baby.   Then maybe it will air at 3am in Spanish.


Update:  our segment will air tomorrow evening, apparently, because of the WEATHER.  Try to contain your excitement until then!

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