Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baby Dreams, and Help Us Spell Our Daughter's Name!

One would think that with each successive pregnancy, I would become less worried about the outcome each time, the previous gestations establishing a sort of track record of success.  But naaaaaaaah.  That would be NORMAL.  Each time I become pregnant, I seem to soak up the awful stories of things that rarely - but COULD - happen:  the inexplicable loss at 19 weeks, the premature baby born at 30 weeks, the stillbirth at 36 weeks, the cord accident at 37 weeks.  Fortunately 97% of us never have to suffer through such devastating, inexplicable, WTF-type losses; but those nightmares linger in the back of my mind until I am actually holding a live, healthy newborn in my arms.

So I hadn't let myself buy anything yet for this little one.  Of course we really don't need much, but I always insist each baby has a new outfit for the hospital.  Preferably from Nordstrom.  What better way to step out for the first time into the world?  So out of both boredom with this never ending pregnancy and sheer recklessness the other day, I let myself buy this little confection: 

It arrived yesterday, and oh how excited - and petrified - it makes me to envision dressing my third little girl, my sixth baby, in this darling little cotton candy pink doily.

So then I got really brave and decided to assess my current collection of 0-6 month new baby girl clothes.  I started going through them, and was decidedly underwhelmed:  this sorry pile was all I had left from two girls?  Then I remembered when Sylvie was 6 months old, and I was pretty sure I would never have another baby, let alone another girl, I gave a veritable treasure trove of baby clothes to my sister-in-law's adopted daughter's baby girl (yes you read that right).  Alas!  But, yay!  Because now I HAVE to buy a few things - perhaps this:  

Or this:

Thank goodness we pregnant hippos get to fantasize about baby clothes, because I sure am not buying anything for MOI at this point. 


And now, perhaps you can weigh in on a debate PVT and I are having over this little one's name:  I think we have settled on Margot.  Or  Margaux.  Yes, it is the same name, but I prefer the -ot spelling, because I think the -aux ending will throw a lot of Okies for a loop (what can I say?  I'm an elitist snob who has little faith in the locals' grasp of the subtleties of the French language).  I don't want the kindergarten substitute calling out for Marg-OX.  Although I suppose she might call out Marg-OT too.  PVT prefers the very French -aux ending, because we are suckers for anything Frenchy.  And the -ot ending reminds him of Margot Kidder.  I like the -aux ending too, although apparently it originated when Margot Hemingway wanted to change the spelling of her name to match the name of Chateau Margaux wine her parents were quaffing the night she was conceived.  So:  which spelling do you prefer?  Is the -ot ending less likely to be slaughtered?  Does it matter?  Do comment!


Janet Johnston said...

As a life-long, born and bred Okie, ( and proud of it), I think you under-estimate us. I vote for Margaux. I know how to pronounce it correctly even in spite of my Okie advanced education. And to all those folks who think we Okies don't know squat, you can "va te faire foutre". With amour, of course!

michelle said...

My vote is for Margaux!!! Your daughter won't be a lifelong Okie, I'm certain!

tracy said...

I have an Annabel Margot and it took me FOREVER to figure out how to spell those two names! I can't even remember what was the deciding factor in choosing the "ot"? (and it was less than a year ago!) ANYway, I vote for Margot for obvious reasons :) BTW-I love your blog! I've been reading for a while now, I'm sorry I haven't commented sooner!

Megan B said...

I really like Margaux but for the sake of the kid I would go Margot just so people don't butcher it!

Anam Ahmed said...

Nice one Thanks!

Mad Woman behind the Blog said...

Margaux! Margaux! I'm 2nding what Michelle said.

And how often does a girl get to use an x in her name?

My Maddy has the French spelling of her name too. Madeleine.

Also, I came back to read this after I commented on names, so forgive me.