Friday, March 2, 2012

Pregnant Pause

So this weekend I am down to three kids and zero husbands, the "big boys" having escaped Tulsa for a soccer tournament.  I am trying to decide if this is MORE or LESS work than usual, but I am just not sure!  At least I will be able to hog the remote when the kids are in bed and watch crap like Parenthood and stupid chick flicks without making PVT wince. 

I promised the littles we would "live it up" while the big boys are away.  Alas, this does not mean getting an hour-long prenatal aromatherapy massage; it means we will go to a frozen yogurt joint.  And Red Robin.  And go crazy in the Target dollar area.  And have many playdates.  But of course these things are fun too. 


So I will spend time refereeing the littles, gazing at gorgeous espadrilles, and try my darndest not to wish that this pregnancy would just GET ON WITH IT already. 

OK, they've been gone about an hour now.  How can a house with three kids seem QUIET? 

Well, I guess because it's not FIVE!

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