Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pink Purse Push Present - Say That Three Times Fast!

For the past nine years, I have dropped the word "push present" into conversation whenever possible to alert PVT to this very important cultural phenomenon.  Wholly theoretically, of course, since we don't have the budgetary wherewithal for a push (or slice, in my case) present worth much more than a cubic zirconium pendant.  Which is mildly depressing.

With this pregnancy, I figured we can pretend we have more money than we do, because hello, SIX!  Maybe all my subtle hints ("SO WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO GET ME?") have sunk in, because last night PVT asked me warily what I might want for a push present.  Of course, I've used up any budgetary slack we have for the dang nesting projects I've felt compelled to undertake:  crap like getting the carpets cleaned, the windows washed (because newborns really care about dirty, mud-spackled windows), and replacing the outdoor patio cushions.  But PVT and I agreed I could have a little mad money to spend at Nordstrom when we head north this summer.  Woo hoo!

But today I found this: 

Oh how I adore pink leathery purses.  Doesn't that just scream Summer 2012?  Or Push Present for Six? 

That's what I thought too! 

(Don't worry, PVT.  I don't really need this.  Unless, of course, I pop out a twin.)

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