Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Next Up: Buttered Pop Tarts and Trampolines

Oh what a happy day it was for the VT medical annals:  first my OB called to let me know I had passed my stupid three hour glucose test!  Woo hoo!  Now I can waddle my way through the third trimester eating every truffle, donut and cookie that comes within my peripheral vision.  Thank GAWD.  No one would have wanted to be within an eight mile radius of me, sober and sugar free, for an entire TRIMESTER. 

And then:  Colette got her cast off!

Thankfully, the bone healed beautifully, with no damage to the growth plate.  Colette wanted to know if she could jump on a trampoline again, and the doctor looked like she wanted to punch me - apparently she hates trampolines, since she sees so many serious injuries from them, injuries that children never fully recover from.  Great!  Another thing to worry about!

I'm not so sure our Colette minded that cast though; something about the red hair and pink cast made people swoon with solicitousness everywhere she went.  She would smile coyly every time someone asked, "Oh you pooooooor thing!  What happened to your ARM?"

She loved it.

But I suspect she'll continue to charm the pants off people, castlessness notwithstanding.


Molly said...

Colette is really a cuter, sassier, redheaded version of her Aunt Molly :)

Porter Daniel said...

Garret Miller Says,

I'm very happy to read about that Colette is alright and she is perfectly fit for jumping again in trampolines. I wishes her all the best and want to see her smiling face. Thanks

Bobby Jassos said...

Trampoline is just something really fun and active that puts everybody right at the same level as far as experience and ability and fun.

Andrew Fox said...

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