Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lasagna Rave

So I somehow conned PVT into cooking lasagna for an "End of Spring Break" celebration - an excuse for a party, if you will.  Why?  Because that's the only way I'm going to see any adults, of course - bribe them with food to come talk to me!

So PVT spent almost two hours on Friday night chopping tomatoes, and then the better part of Saturday - in between soccer games - working his magical Italian alchemy in the kitchen.

I invited quite a few people, because I am always sure that a) people have more interesting things to do than come hang out with us; and b) I thought a lot of people would be out of town.  But apparently people were pretty hard up for entertainment, because I think we ended up with about 34 adults and 48 children here throughout the evening.  As usual, I meant to take more pictures, but didn't, because I was dealing with my 18 month old scaling the playset and our last minute running out of FORKS, but I took this picture here of some of our junior guests:
Yes, that's my baby drinking COKE out of a CAN.  Someone else's Coke, to boot.  I really don't let my children, let alone toddler, guzzle soft drinks.  Really.

I think everyone had a good time, besides dealing with one jillion muddy kids and having to scrounge for a fork.  Except possibly the very dear friends who showed up towards the end of the party, after it looked like a lasagna-and-chocolate tornado had ripped through the kitchen - I'm not sure if they actually ate, but they stayed and CLEANED.   Sheesh.  I am a lucky girl. 

I think this is another picture I took of the adults:

Party on.

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kforbes said...

Looks like fun! Sorry we had to miss it this time.