Monday, March 19, 2012

Can I Go to Cabo Now Please?

So you may recall I said I would NEVER, EVER go here again.  But we VT's just returned from a little spring break getaway to this very vicinity!  Now before you accuse me of turning all old lady Okie on you, and suddenly developing a penchant for crappy buffet food, second rate performances, and god-awful knick knacky schlock, I must reassure you that we were heading in that direction anyway (I auditioned for this show, and was selected for the cast - woo hoo!  Probably about as close to fame as I'll ever get!), and then we stayed at this lovely Chateau, which was definitely un-Branson-like:

The kiddies enjoyed the view from our balcony, although we spent a lot of time neurotically monitoring them lest they suddenly became as skinny as noodles and slide through the rails to their deaths:

Then we brought these lucky children to Silver Dollar City, which is sort of a hick's version of Disneyland.  The boys had a marvelous time doing stuff like this: 
While the boys were enjoying kid boy paradise, I was cursing my aching legs, trying to prevent Sylvie from throwing bark dust at passerby, and fielding Colette's requests to go back to the HOTELLLLL (where she wanted to go after bonking after her chin on the teacup ride). 

So I won't say I had a wonderful eight hours, but these scenarios are something you just have to suck up when you have 18 kids:  someone is ALWAYS 18 months old, an age where it is best just to hunker down and not leave your house for a year or so.  Of course if we did that, our older boys would rot in front of Sponge Bob until high school.  Compromise, compromise:  the boys had a blast, the girls survived.

Success all around.  And just another drink or ten to add to my postpartum tally.  

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