Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Crazies Sure Can Suck The Life Out of You

Well, hello you all.  Sorry yet again for the sporadic posts.  I am continuing to battle my little demons:  one day I am just fine and dandy with life's status quo, and the next morning I am planning on liquidating my little IRA left from my days of paid work and buying us all one way tickets out of this town. 

The challenge here is I have no idea which chick is going to wake up each day:  the relatively happy, calm mother who more or less plows through the poop and the crumbs and the shrieks, or the impatient, teary harridan who cuts off her children mid-sentence while she obsesses over new ways to escape.

Is this what a certified nutcase looks like?

Luckily today was a good day.  Suddenly I have some things to look forward to (I know, I know, as if I didn't already):  PVT has been plotting a spring break getaway and our annual trip to the Motherland.  Amazing what having something to daydream about in the middle of a gray winter - both literally and figuratively, I mean there - can do for one's outlook.

And so you don't write my little corner of the interwebs off as the new hub of manic-depressiveness, a little spring fling for you: 
Apparently this little dollop is one of the many treats in Nordstrom's Spring Lookbook, which my MOTHER has received (she spends about $8 at Nordstrom annually, so WTF?) but I have not.  So my receipt of this Lookbook is also fervently anticipated. 

Spring is just around the corner, now, isn't it. 

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