Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Baby Dreams

Three out of my five children were thrown baby showers, and I can't reveal the two who were not, lest the poor two shower-less babies grow up feeling deprived in yet another one of the myriad ways children of larger families are slighted.  But really, that isn't too bad, given that once you are whacko enough to announce your third pregnancy in this country, people avert their eyes as if you had announced you have a newfangled contagious combination of leprosy and cancer. 

But one thing I have always insisted on for each baby is a new take-home outfit from the hospital.  Yes, each baby will get a ton of hand-me-downs, but that one new outfit is such a treat - well, I guess it's really a treat for ME, since I am pretty sure a 6-pound newborn doesn't really care what he or she is wearing.

So I've been allowing myself to browse newborn delights, and while it's too early to buy anything - I have to wait until I am REALLY sure this baby is going to be born - I have stumbled upon a few little things:
Ugh.  Deadly adorable.  As is this: 
I just love this little ensemble.  I didn't know Petunia Pickle Bottom made stuff besides oddly juvenile diaper bags. 

And my dear friend Kappa Kappa Karen, who has actually mastered Pinterest, alerted me to this little bauble for which I might actually need to take up knitting:

Wow.  Isn't that just awesome - especially for a brazen hussy like me, who has never donned a Hooter Hider in her life, and just lifts up her shirt and goes for it?

Even we mummies need to be a little naughty and subversive sometimes.


Molly said...

Aunt Molly has a website, with sale items, to show you, to welcome the newest little VT:

Oh yes. Look at those little bunting bags.

What's Cookin Stacey?? said...

Send me your addy and I will mail you a "boobie" hat for all your kiddos! It is in support of breastfeeding! I make them for friend's babies. In fact a local dj wore one to a concert in support of breatfeeding!

Fruitful Harvest said...

Hi I just stubbled upon your blog!
I googled ultrasound pics and yours came up.

I was checking your blog to see if your tech was right? Girl!
So are you pregnant again? When are you due! Congrats if you are!

I too am Catholic. I have 6 kiddos here 1 in heaven (Christian lost to miscarriage last Jan 2011)

I am now pregnant with baby #8 due in June 2012! I just had my 20 week ultrasound but did not want to find out. I told the gal to just take the pic's like normal even the private parts just don't tell us what is what!
I now keep studying my ultrasound pic's to see if I can tell!

I have 4 boys ages 17,15,12 and 9 and the girls are 6 and 4!
I am 43 and hope for at least one more after this one but who knows? God's in charge!


Ps Come say hi if you want! I love to make new blog friends!