Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Mid-Winter Daydream

Yesterday my parents returned to Seattle.  Boo!  So blissful it was to have four on five coverage for two whole weeks! My only variance with my parents? We have very different standards on what constitutes edible leftovers. I will simply say that my standards are HIGHER. And now my refrigerator is starting once again to look like my own, without 321 little Tupperwares and Styrofoam containers of mystery mush. I felt like we were arming ourselves against a nuclear winter in which our only recourse was leftover, soggy blueberry pancakes and week-old sweet potatoes. But I digress! Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Thank you for all the babysitting and food subsidies!

And then today - miracle of miracles - 4 of the kiddies were back in school today.  It was 30 minutes after I dropped Colette off at preschool that I realized I only had the baby...and suddenly my muscles relaxed, my mood brightened, and I felt both giddy, drunk and ready to book a trip to St. Bart's. 

But since St. Bart's is not really a destination for unwealthy child-ridden types, I contented myself with a bit of very light cleaning, a short nap so deep when I woke up I not only didn't know where I was, but WHO I was, and some online oogling: 

What a lovely tote.  No, I won't be sporting it in St. Bart's; but maybe at the Great Wolf Lodge?  Hmm.

And these lovely springy sunglasses:  

It would be the height of idiocy for me to buy for me to buy $150 sunglasses.  If I don't lose my sunglasses first, one of my children fishes them out of my purse and breaks them. 

Back to all mama all the time.  A girl's gotta dream a little, right?

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