Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just Give Me Some Humidity Already

Argh, I have been a grump, lately, haven't I?  Perhaps a particularly potent combination of the January/mid-pregnancy blahs.  Thankfully I got something today which brightened my sourpuss-ness a bit: 

Yes, another beauty gift with purchase (well, $125 purchase)!  I will be looking for products that combat the awful bone-dry winters here.  EVERYTHING is dry, you all.  My knuckles are crackling and scaly.  My hair is liable to go up in flames from an errant spark of static.  Why can't some of the dripping, sweating, lava-like humidity of summer be magically recreated in winter?  What kind of sick joke is this climate?

OK, OK, I'll stop.  But my next article in Tulsa Kids is about how to keep your hair healthy and somewhat hot and lustrous during these terrifying winter months.  Luckily I conned a few mummies with ravishing hair to (I hope) disclose their secrets.  I also got a "Damage Remedy Hair Spa" treatment at a local salon - I'm pretty sure my $55 did squat. 

So how do you keep your hair from growing up in flames in the winter?  Do I really have to wait until summer?

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