Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Heart-Wrenching, Mind-Bending Dilemma of a Suburban Mother of Many

Today is the start of Gymbucks redemption, dear friends.  Oh, how I have waited for this day!  I have $275 in Gymbucks, which means I can buy $550 of kiddie clothing for $275.  Hooray!

Here is my pressing problem:  do I go to the mall in PERSON to redeem my precious Gymbucks?  Even though I rather detest our local mall (it has kiosks of CRAP in the aisles), and I will have Sylvie, who will either be writhing impatiently in her stroller, or alternatively, running all over the store or out into the mall?  In this case I will have to quickly pile clothing with a mere half of brain, since one half will be occupied with Sylvie, but I will get the endorphin rush of REAL LIVE shopping, and may see things that aren't online - the serendipitous find you won't stumble upon via a website.

OR do I simply shop on the website, methodically checking off my list, where I will be sure to get everything I need, avoid the trip to the crappy mall, but potentially have a little less FUN?

Oh the angst!  Oh the trial - how do I DECIDE?


The update you were awaiting with bated breath:  I wussed out and stayed home, ordering everything online.  I figured it would take me a LONG time to buy $550 worth of clothing, so I happily clicked and added to my basket for a while.  When I went to review my basket to see how MUCH MORE I had to buy - EEECK!  I was up to $890!  I guess even an obscene amount of Gymbucks doesn't go far with 5 kids.

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