Monday, January 2, 2012

2012, Baby. Bring It On.

It is really hard to make New Year's resolutions when you're pregnant.  I'm not going to start training for a triathlon.  I've already had to cut out sushi, booze, street drugs, and casual sex with strangers.  What else is LEFT?

But there are myriad ways in which I could improve my life and be a somewhat more lovely person.  So I've gone and made my own little list of resolutions, boring though they might be:

1)  Write at least 15 minutes each day.  Whether I blog, work on my article, or work on my "novel," it's something I enjoy; it's cathartic; and it forces me put all the little things in perspective. 

2)  Eat less crap.  I have a terrible sweet tooth, made even more pronounced when I'm pregnant.  I'm going to try to eat less chocolate, cookies, cakes, danish and sugar-laden meth.  Because I am packing on these baby pounds faster than you can say recommendedthirtypoundweightgain. 

3)  There comes a point in every day when I am just DONE.  Done with my kids, the house, everything - and don't try to cross me after that point.  I need to summon my inner Mother Theresa and try to get through this point of day with a bit more patience and alacrity.  Particularly where a certain unnamed three year old is concerned.

4)  Try my damnedest to enjoy these last months of having ONLY five children; try not to wish away every minute of the slow, crawling clock of pregnancy.  And hopefully, hopefully, I will be rewarded with another happy little one this summer of 2012.

So, voila.  My resolutions.  What about yours?

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