Saturday, December 31, 2011

Miracles Worth Celebrating: Maternity Clothes that Don't Make You Bawl. And 2012!

Now that everyone has recovered, we are finally having FUN on this dang Christmas vacation.  Well, at least I am:  I am abusing my parents and scouring the town for my next article:  where in the freak does one find hip maternity clothes in Tulsa, Oklahoma?  Or are hip maternity clothes - in TULSA - an oxymoron, a pipe dream?    Well, it hasn't been easy.  I went to a Pea in the Pod, and tried on a few dresses, including this one that is so busy anyone who looks at it will suffer vertigo and not realize its wearer is pregnant: 

Then I tried on Heidi Klum's "Lavish" line; while I love her minimalist look and sleek designs, alas - her maxi dresses were suitable only for six foot glamazons like her.  

We also tried a local consignment store which had some truly horrifying pieces, but also a few cute dresses - this one isn't bad: 

It takes some searching, but decent pieces without Bozo bows or clownish ruffles do exist.  Now I think I have enough now to last me through this pregnancy.  Well, I probably did already, but you know what?  When you can't even guzzle a lousy glass of wine, your varicose veins are exploding out of your leg like fault lines on cocaine, and your arse seems to be inflating like a helium balloon, a new maternity dud or two can do wonders for your outlook.

And now PVT and I are going to dump ALL of the kiddies on  my parents tonight and GO OUT!  To dinner!  And then a PARTY!  We are probably going to be so totally overwhelmed with all that adult interaction that we will likely collapse from overstimulation around 8:33 pm. 

2011 was a rather awesome year for us.  I hope 2012 is as good - and I hope your 2012 is full of good health, an unexpected windfall or two, some unfettered shopping and maybe even a miraculous anti-wrinkle night cream or two.

Happy New Year.

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kforbes said...

Happy New Year dear friend! Enjoy your evening out and I hope to see you very soon.