Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Am Still Not Convinced about the Kwanzaa Thing

Growing up I had many Jewish friends (well, after I left Catholic school!).  My first boyfriend was Jewish, and I was sure, as any 17 year old is sure, that we would get married someday.  My fantasies were crushed when one day he off-handedly remarked that he would never marry someone who wasn't Jewish.  I suppose I could have asked if he would take a convert, but I didn't think that through.  (And then he went and married a Catholic! Oh well.  Things have worked out well for both of us.)

I was always terribly interested in what Jews did on Christmas:  eat Chinese food!  Go to movies!  It didn't sound too bad, besides the lack of presents.  Although they did make out over Hanukkah - those "Eight Crazy Nights" per Adam Sandler.

Now I've gone and sent all my Jewish friends Christmas cards - how tacky.  I usually at least manage to cross out the "Merry Christmas" and pen in "Happy Hanukkah" - I think the "Happy Holidays" sentiment is too vague and cheezy.  But this is the card I wish I had sent my good Jewish friends:

Hanukkah begins at sundown on Tuesday - have a good week, friends.

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