Thursday, November 3, 2011

Soccer and Shopping in the SAME Post

Sometimes I feel a bit terrible that I rarely go to my big boys' soccer games.  I remember growing up, having friends whose parents were always working, always busy but always made it to their kids' games.  Which seemed a bit wrong to me too - what does that say?  That you only care about your kids' athletic prowess?  But I am the opposite:  I am there for my kids ALL THE TIME - except for their games! 

So my notable absence at soccer games will come up many times in their future therapy sessions.  But I do have my reasons: 

This Sylvie of ours is a boy trapped in a girls' body.  She is a like a baby tank driven by a slightly drunk jihadist.  When let down outside, she runs straight for the street.  She loves to crawl into the fireplace and throw the gravel everywhere (finally we got smart and bought a fireplace screen).  When I give her a bath, she heaves her body backwards repeatedly in an attempt to either perform a baby back float or just drown herself, I'm not sure which.

And at soccer games?  She is either eating dirt, pawing littered fruit snack wrappers, or running onto the field.  Wouldn't you know, the other parents and coaches don't find that behavior super cute.  So instead of watching the game, I spend my time running around making sure Tank Baby doesn't collide with a seven year old running at 48 miles per hour.

BUT I did make it to Rory's championship game in his soccer tournament this game.  Rory was sort of the wonderman on the team:  he scored a goal with just minutes left in their (semi-final?) game to send the team to the finals.  When their championship game went into overtime, he made an incredible shot that came within inches of being the winning goal (or so I hear; by this time Tank Baby and I had departed - I could only last through regulation).  When the game went to penalty kicks, he nailed his. 

But, alas, his team finally lost in penalty kicks.

But we were quite proud of our Rory (bottom left).  Although it turns out his inspired performance MAY have been partly because PVT promised that if he played "aggressively," he would give him a significant amount of moola towards the latest Lego Monstrosity for which he is currently saving up.

Goaling for Legos, I guess.


And now, if you happen to find yourself in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I am always surprised to find myself, my latest article at Tulsa Kids is up:  shopping the local boutiques.  Who knew Tulsa actually has some cool spots to shop?  There is even a video the marvelous web editor Abby shot of me shopping with the girls:


Sort of makes shopping with kids look easy, yes?  Ha!  Ha!  Do not try this at home.

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Molly said...

Good job, Rory! And Aunt Molly kind of misses Sylvie, even if she's a bulldozer.