Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And the Prize Goes to Whomever Can Guess What I Sort of Actually Want Just One More Of

These waning days of summer (oh praise Jesus for the waning) have been witness to some of the most severe mental deterioration I recall suffering in my middle (gulp) age.

Exhibit a): I totally, completely forgot a neighbor who moved to Houston last year was visiting town for a few days and hosting a party at our neighborhood pool. I only remembered it when I saw party pictures posted on Facebook.

Exhibit b): I have had to go to the grocery EVERY DAY for SIX days now because each time I go with three or FIVE children in tow, I forget a critical, crucial item. Today I desperately needed whip cream. Did I actually return home with whip cream? HECK NO.

Exhibit c): At "Meet the Teacher" day at our school (Ha! Ha! It is not "Meet the Teacher!" It is try to smile calmly at the teacher so she doesn't think you are a lunatic because you have just traipsed all over the school to the gymnasium, three classrooms and the cafeteria to fill out forms and write checks while your many children follow you alternately whining for snacks and water and punching you and/or each other, and now the teacher stands before you wondering why you are sweating profusely, with a screaming baby on your hip and you are on the VERGE OF TEARS!), I saw so so many people I knew. And I knew their names, too - really! But I only remembered their names 39 milliseconds too late - so after they cheerily called "Hi Jill!" to me and I threw back a lame "Hi there...." it is only THEN I recalled their names which I then lamely tossed out to their retreating backs.

Exhibit d) I thought it would be such a nice bonding activity with all my children before school starts to go to Williams Sonoma for their adorable Marvel cookie cutters and spend a lovely afternoon baking and frosting Spider Man and his cohorts. But! I should have remembered I am NOT a baker, you all. Every time I break open the recipe that came with the cookie cutters, I have to close it quickly to stop a sudden onset of nausea: "Electric mixer...refrigerate dough...roll out...parchment paper..." OHMYGAWD NOOOOOOOOOO!

So last night I tossed and turned over making these damn cookies, for one, and thinking about the first day of school - tomorrow - when I will have to get my two big boys, my brand new kindergartner (sniff! sniff!) PLUS the two little girls to the bus stop on time without PVT, who rarely travels but had to be in San Jose for a few days. Cookies! School! Cookies! Bus stop! Toss, turn! New clothes, nap mats, snacks! Sylvie! She needs to eat AGAIN? Toss, turn!

So today we went to the grocery store AGAIN where I bought refrigerated cookie dough. Which we will roll out and stamp with our new cookie cutters, dammit.

That was the sanest purchase I had made in a while, you all.

And now I just have to get through tomorrow morning.

No problemo!


Scientific Housewife said...

It's that time of year again! Those cookies are adorable though :)

Tori said...

I hope this morning went well! I dread the start of school~so hard getting six of us ready and out the door so early!