Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And God Said "Let There Be Diet Mountain Dew"

11:08 pm: Go to bed.

11:10 pm: Fall asleep.

12:44 am: Hear Sylvie. Go feed her.

1:05 am. Totter back to bed.

2:36 am: Wake up to loud storm.

2:44 am: Listen to Keane, who is standing by my bed, explain that Skippy is trying to sleep with him, and is it OK that the dog's nail touched his lip? And can I hold Skippy so he doesn't come to bed with him?

2:46 am: Hold squirming dog's collar while he labors to escape.

2:47 am: Realize lying in bed while holding skittish dog's collar is not good long-term solution. Let dog go.

3:03 am: Listen to dog scamper around, whimpering, and wonder how long it is until he wakes ALL the kids up.

3:23 am: Go upstairs and shut kids' door so dog doesn't bother them anymore.

3:26 am. Back to bed.

5:40 am: Hear Sylvie again. Go feed.

5:52 am: Back to bed.

6:40 am: Hear children screaming gleefully over new He Man characters Will received for his birthday.

6:45 am: Hear Colette screaming due to some unknown injustice.

6:46 am: Contemplate going to Colette's aid.

6:47 am: Give daughter opportunity to build character and stick up for herself. Don't get up.

7:20 am: Hear Sylvie screeching.

7:22 am: Mumble "of course" when Colette asks me if I will get her breakfast.

7: 45 am: Finally give in, get up.

7:46 am: Thank the good Lord for the maximum caffeine wattage goodness of Diet Mountain Dew. How else would I survive until my coffee is ready?


cjh said...

Sounds just like my night! Went to bed 11:30pm, house alarm starts going off at 12:45 (Derk out of town of course ), boys come running hysterically screaming downstairs, go back to bed with both boys in my bed and a dog, 2:30 Harlow is awakened by storm, get her back to sleep, dog wakes to eat at 5:20 and coffee is brewing!

Tori said...

I don't function until I've had my Mountain Dew either (just put a post on FB saying the same yesterday)! Glad to know there's someone else my age who needs it as much as I do!

Hope you get some sleep!