Friday, April 8, 2011

Some Mid-Lenten Hedonism

This morning I got a cryptic email from PVT with the subject line "FYI." The email contained just these three websites with no explanatory text:,, and

Um, PVT? WHAT? I knew these sites to be upscale shopping sites; was he so pleased that I've lost most of the baby-baby-baby-baby-baby weight, and wants me to shop my liver out? Does he have an offshore account in Grand Cayman that he is only now telling me about? Has he been so awestruck with my housekeeping and child rearing skills lately that he just wants to reward me for a job well done?

BAH hahah. We know THAT can't be the reason. No, apparently, he saw a clip on ABC News about these sites. I'm sure you all know already - I'm a little slow, what with the poop output around here - that these sites are online "flash sales" where luxury items are typically sold for 36-48 hours to members who have joined the sites. He just thought I might want to do some research. Well, I can always do RESEARCH. But golly, he is living dangerously to offer these sites up in front of me - like dangling a Godiva on a fishing rod in front of poor chick who has given up chocolate for Lent.

Not that I could even imagine THAT.

So I sign up for each site; membership is free. Although at Rue La La, I am just on the "waiting list." Sheesh. Really, or is that just to get me all hyped up about being excluded? We will see. At Hautelook, I am immediately in crush with some Betsey Johnson sunglasses - I adore all things Betsey Johnson (yes, I know - I am a color-giddy adolescent trapped in a old mum's body) - they are a mere $30.

And I find some Tea clothes for the kiddies at Gilt Groupe, which are delicious. And some lovely spring dresses. But lucky for PVT, there is nothing I HAVE to have. After all, it's not like they're giving this stuff away. And as the ABC News clip obliquely states, a lot of the products sold on the site are made directly for the site - it's not necessarily the same stuff you will find at Neiman's or Barney's.

Of course I have yet to log on for the actual sale - 12pm ET for Gilt Groupe, and 8am Pacific Time for Haute Look - which I am sure will be crazy whip cream fun.

Or maybe not; maybe the emails will start to annoy me. What about you all? Any luck with these sites? Are you wearing leopard print Louboutin stilettos you snarked for $47 RIGHT NOW?



The mad woman behind the blog said...

What happened to "Rockin me out with those American Thighs"? That was SUCH a cute post.

Yeah, I saw it in my reader.

Logical Libby said...

There is also and, oh, and

Happy shopping!