Sunday, June 6, 2010

Maybe Hillary Was Right About the Cookies

I have survived almost two weeks of summer vacation now. In these 13 days we have been to several playgrounds; Chick-fil-A; a farmers' market; the library (for its summer reading program); Barnes and Noble (for THEIR summer reading program); hosted several playdates; gone bowling; ridden Go Karts; and, with PVT's help, been to our neighborhood pool almost daily.

While all of this activity has been grueling, nothing could have prepared me for making Star Wars cookies.

For this idea, I must thank my dear friend Kappa Kappa Karen, who found Star Wars cookie cutters at Williams Sonoma, and who is even more talented than I am at finding totally unique and frivolous ways to spend money. So we trekked to the Williams Sonoma in Utica Square, the only acceptable mall in Tulsa, and bought the cookie cutters, along with some black and silver glittery sprinkly sugar stuff for decoration.

Now I must disclose that I hate baking. I hate the precision required; measuring a half teaspoon of that, a fourth a cup of that - it drives me bonkers. (Can you believe I was a CPA?) I would much rather cook a meal with a dash of this and a dab of that. And buy gorgeously, professionally frosted confections at the local bakery. But the cookie cutters were adorable, so we had to try it.

Unfortunately, Williams Sonoma was not selling black frosting for Darth Vader et al. So we stopped at Wal Mart where they had 392 colors of frosting. None of them were black, so we bought 49 tubes of various colors, and one vat of white frosting along with some vials of food coloring, hoping we could concoct some scary black frosting.

Home we went and began the arduous process of mixing the dough! Beating the dough! Balling the dough and wrapping it! Refrigerating the dough! Warming the dough back up again! Flouring the rolling pin! (Who knew you had to do that? PVT, apparently.) Rolling out the dough! Cutting the cookies with the cookie cutters! Covering the baking sheets with parchment paper! Baking the cookies! And FINALLY, after cooling the cookies, frosting the dang things.

Yes, the kiddies had a good time, although our attempt at black frosting turned out to be a sad pukey greenish gray. Where does one buy black frosting? I pondered this conundrum during the hour I de-frosted and de-sprinkled my children, table and entire kitchen.

So yes, mama is surviving here, without even the benefit of a nice fat glass of Pinot Grigio to look forward to at the end of the day. If I have to bake again, though, I might end up like Boba Fett, with my brains blown about my face.


MJenks said...

Try Michaels or Hobby Lobby or somewhere like that for black frosting.

Scientific Housewife said...

That is really cute! Glad you survived!

Kristin said...

I'm gonna NEED those cookie cutters! And the hubs isn't gonna be home until 9:00 tonight. I appreciate your sympathy! Mama had a loooooong day, so the dude went down an hour early. We'll see how this plays out...