Friday, June 4, 2010

Bump Envy

I had to laugh when I got this junk email from Best Buy:

Here is my sad, sad phone:

The front display doesn't work because once my phone was in my purse along with a spilled sippy cup of apple juice, so I can't screen my calls. It's all scratched and beat up. I often can't hear the ringer. Since I have to text with the phone keypad, I have resorted to writing such atrocities as, "r u cming" and "c u ther," which makes me, a lover of proper grammar and correct spelling, physically ill. When I get a text from a hipper friend requiring more than a three word response, I just give up and call.

So the other night when I was out with the girls, both far more chic than I with their iPhones, I watch with envy as their fingers glided over their screens, chock-full of all kinds of "apps." They even "bumped" their phones together to exchange contact information.

Perhaps, we conspired, PVT could buy me an iPhone as a "push present!" (Or, well, slice and dice present, since I'm (cough) too posh to push.) But - well, it still doesn't make sense. I have NO source of income to justify such frivolity. PVT, after all, has a Blackberry - for WORK. I'm not a big phone talker; my phone conversations are interrupted every second minute by a fist fight or demand for a juice baba. I would have to break my contract with my sad, sad phone. Which isn't terribly practical.

So an iPhone for me is not in the works...maybe I'll get one in ten years, when the really cool, modern phones do your laundry for you and provide a free "app" for phone sex.

At least by 2022 I'll be able to bump my ancient iPhone with some other non-cool mom.


Leslie said...

Hello! I just found you on blogfrog and see you are in T-town too :) Thought I would say hi. I also have an ancient phone...and don't even know how to text. *gasp* I would rather just call! Nice to "meet" you ;)

kforbes said...

I am cool? I had no idea.