Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why No One Asks Me for Advice

Do you know something internet? I don't think I've ever pointed out to you that on your online orders from Nordstrom shipped to Nordsaken Oklahoma, you don't pay sales tax. Not bad, eh? I believe it's because Nordstrom has no "nexus" (tax geek term) in Oklahoma (as in, Nordstrom doesn't want ANYTHING TO DO with us in this poor hick state) (you know I'm kidding, right? Em, mostly?), so - there you have it. Helps with/justifies the shipping cost, yes? So you can buy stuff like this for your tiny toi sans guilt:

And NO, Nordstrom is not paying me to tell you this! They don't even know who I am (well, they probably do because of my schizophrenic charge activity - buy $932! return $898! buy $343! return $321!). I don't want them to PAY me, just COME here to our dear hick state.

Or at least give me an employee discount.

In other "tips and tricks" from yours truly (yes, awkward segue, but it's my blog), I have finally discovered my SUMMER HYDRATION SOURCE. I'm not from here, you all, and don't get/dislike the iced tea thang. Water bores me. And even I need a break from Diet Mountain Dew. So what is left? DIET TONIC WATER! It tastes so good, has a lovely fizz, and of course reminds you of drinking G & Ts...which even I don't drink at 11am. Really. You don't believe me, do you?

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Kristin said...

Nope. Don't believe you, but I am going to try out the diet tonic and maybe add some blueberry vodka.