Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mama's Big Bender

Oh, internet. Two hours in paradise. We came:

We shopped (don't I look a little TOO happy here? And the poor salesman.):

We conquered.

Quite a morning.

Among other things, I bought these sneakers; Keane accused me of buying "teenager shoes." So I have already begun to embarrass my children.

I was glad to be home, internet, just because I was sure I would perish in a plane crash and leave my children motherless. PVT did such a good job watching the boys; and the house looked fairly immaculate when I got home (I think there was an emergency cleaning session before my plane landed). Rory must have missed me a little; he asked me, "Mom, next time you go to San Diego, can you come home Friday (versus Saturday)?"
Who suffered the most during my 60 hour absence? THE DOG. He didn't EAT.

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