Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Living Under a Rock

You more savvy mamas are going to laugh about what I discovered in San Diego: GYMBOREE. Yes, I'm on my fourth kid, but a) it's my first girl (and Gymboree's girl attire is particularly devastating!) and b) there are few things I detest more in this world than Woodland Hills, our local mall where the Tulsa Gymboree is, and I NEVER go there. Unless they're offering free margaritas. And free boob jobs. AT THE SAME TIME.

So when Tarzhay Miss dragged me into the Gymboree at Fashion Valley in San Diego, I almost wept, so overwhelmed was I with the sheer delightfulness of the place. They must coat the clothes in new baby pheromones, because I wanted to eat, sniff and smell every blessed rack.
I got this for the Cherub:

And...COME ON! A TUTU? How could I resist?

And tights with big sunflowers. For FREAK'S SAKE.

Just what I need: another expensive addiction to combat.


Molly said...

Oh my goodness. How adorable are these two little VTs?!!?!

kforbes said...

Every spare dime I get goes to support my Gymboree addiction! Shamelessly cute...once you have an outfit picked out, you find the matching socks, bows, purse, shoes, bracelets.....I for one can ignore the unpleasantness of Woodland to sneak into Gymboree. Let me know, I can plan a covert operation next time you want to go.