Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Top Ten Reasons not to Totally Diss Tulsa

It is an ABSOLUTELY FANTABULOUS day here in Tulsa. 70+ degrees! Kids outside making a putt-putt course in the backyard! There is nothing better than having a balmy day now and then during the dry, freezing frozen-ness of winter here.

And that...leads me to my OTHER great self-serving campaign: getting my dear friend and neighbor De Lovely De Anne (a native Texan whose gorgeous lilting voice is something a Seattleite only hears in Gone with the Wind) to STAY PUT. She cannot wait to move back to Texas; one of the reasons is that it's TOO. FRIGGIN. COLD. here. Now, it definitely can get cold here, and I am a cold weather wimp. My idea of skiing is hanging out in the lodge sipping schnapps. BUT...the cold snaps here last a week or so; you get to wear some of your cute sweaters, flirt with winter coats, and then voila! You get a day like today. Bliss.

So here are NINE MORE REASONS not to leave, my dear and De Lovely De Anne:

2. The LAST tornado fatality in Tulsa County was in 1993 - FIFTEEN years ago! And it wasn't even in Tulsa - somewhere called Catoosa!

3. Utica Square: it may be Nordstrom-less, true, but Miss Jackson's is FUN to look at, the Wild Fork is some of the best KWI-sine I've had, and look!

4. The Jenks public schools are one of the few school districts in the COUNTRY to have won a Malcolm Baldridge award!

5. Traffic here is laughable. You can get anywhere in 20 minutes.

6. While I wouldn't want to be SINGLE in Tulsa (probably as much fun as being a heterosexual in Provincetown), it is a wonderful place to raise a family: the affordable housing, the so-cheap-you-can-drink-it gas, the large and active church congregations, the proliferation of kids' sporting teams and activities, the whole doggone WHOLESOMENESS of the place.

7. QuikTrip! It is the only convenience store in the world where I can get a cheap cup of coffee but not feel so totally seedy that I ought to be getting my cigarettes, beer and 8 lottery tickets, too.

8. Mother's Day Out. I had never even HEARD of this before I moved here. But many churches host these "preschool" programs, usually from 9:30 to 2:30, a couple of times per week. Mothers' Day Out is very affordable and designed for mothers who stay home to get a little bit done (oh, heck, think one thought) and not go TOTALLY bonkers. If I didn't have Mother's Day Out, I would be hitting the bottle even EARLIER in the day than I already do.

9. The upcoming "upscale" River Develpment in South Jenks. Planned are a five star hotel, half a million square feet office space, AND A MILLION SQUARE FEET OF RETAIL.


10. People here are SPOOKILY nice. In the two and a half years I have lived here, I have had more doors held open for me than in my prior thirty-something (ahem) years TOTAL.

So, there you go. It's not so bad here, right? You're welcome, Tulsa Chamber of Commerce.

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Austin said...

Wow, were you a sales person in your former life or are good! TULSA ROCKS!!!