Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This Post Brought to you from Barf Central

I'm late for Christmas, so HAPPY BOXING DAY from our youngest Clone Trooper!

Cripes. Yesterday during all the Christmas havoc my husband wasn't feeling well. I have to admit I wasn't terribly impressed; I thought he had a hangover from our cocktails with Santa while we (he) assembled various Star Wars atrocities and a play house. But today my poor 6 year old has been puking his little guts out since 5am! Poor monster. So apparently my dear husband WAS sick - sorry honey! And to top it off the dog sh*t all over the rug during the night, apparently from my mother-in-law's beef brisket, so we awoke to eau de dog crap wafting through the house. That's a lot of bodily emissions in one morning even for our brood.

So Christmas blessings to you all; despite the fact that there remains no Nordstrom in the ENTIRE STATE OF OKLAHOMA, I am feeling very blessed because at least CHRISTMAS here was barf-and-dog crap free.

A bright spot, though: my dear neighbor Ravishing Red Ann brought over a SHOE A DAY calendar for me for 2009. Daily affirmations for me - and my new daughter!

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